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Easymakecrm Makes It Easy To Manage Your Business Progress

Easymakecrm acts as one single place to store and monitor your customers, vendor  supplier data, and propects. 


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About Easy Make CRM

Monitor Your Business

Find every sales interaction and track your customer’s journey. Focus on sales & marketing. With Easymakecrm you can track your pipeline of opportunities and sort  all of your contacts  whether  they are new customers or a lost customer.  The  benefits of a crm is having the ability to know what are the next steps in following with your contacts, and being able to establish clear goals for moving forward. The success of any business lies in acquisition and retention of customers. Easymakecrm provides a level of certainty in doing what you can to manage your clients from first contact to closing a deal. 

Easymakecrm Features

Easy To Use Dashboard

With Easymakecrm you can manage and monitor your customers. Get a quick business summary. Get details about unfinished tasks, important notifications, and the overall health of your business. See how many orders are pending, invoiced, packaged,received or delivered.

Order Processing

 Create quotations, sales orders, bills, purchase orders and invoices with a click of a button. Share them using an email or provide self-service to your clients and vendors.


Sales Reports

Get a complete analysis of your best-selling products. Get sales history and order reports by customer, product, channel, location, and more. Find out who is your best & worst customers and their payment history.

Purchase Reports

Get notified when items run low on stock and need to be re-stocked. Get real-time insights into stock movement. Stock reorder reports, inventory stock on hand reports. Know your pending items, when items will be received and details about outstanding outgoing payments.


How To Add Task and Follow Ups

In this training we take a look how to add task in our CRM  to  follow up with clients  or projects.  As you know, task are an essential accountability tool that helps to manage day to day activity.

How To Add A Contact

Managing and tracking clients is key to helping to reduce attrition of business revenue and provides a system for customer acquisition. In this training, we take a look at how to add a single contact into the crm to help maintain business and vendor relationships. 

How To Send A Quote

With easymakecrm, providing quotes to customers and prospects is extremely easy.  In this training we take a look at how to search for a client, and how to add them to a quote request.